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Be the revival for your city!

Reaching Europe together

Reasons why partnership is important to us:

✔ It creates opportunities to organize meetings and conferences in all of Europe
✔ It enables us to encourage and equip pastors and leaders to bring revival to their region
✔ It give us the opportunity to inspire followers of Christ to win their city
✔ Your partnership creates opportunities to bring the saving and healing power of God to thousands of people


Your benefits of being a partner with us:

✔︎ By becoming a partner you unite yourself with us for the vision
✔ We believe that the blessing of God on our life will become the blessing of God on your life
✔ We will pray for you
✔ You will receive partner information on a regular basis
✔ You will be invited and honored when we come to your region
✔ We will provide learning material that will help you to carry revival

Church partner

Become a church partner

    Prayer Partner

    Become a prayer partner

      Support the vision financially


        IBAN DK83 7045 0001 1476 46

        Reg. 7045
        Konto 1476546

        Bank Giro 406-3095
        SWISH 123 278 89 33
        IBAN: SE515000 0000 0505 9826 8138
        IBAN: CH91 0683 5585 0958 0190 9
        BIC: RBABCH22835

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